Compass Learning Garden

Compass Learning Garden
Posted on 09/22/2022
Compass Learning Garden
The grant included five 5x5 raised garden beds with soil, seeds and garden tools. The grant also earned us a kitchen cart that includes a hot plate, lettuce spinner, blender and other kitchen tools.
Our goal is to teach the students about planting seeds, growing plants and the various oddities that happen during the growing season. Including but not limited to: insects, plant disease, soil, fertilizer and of course the eating of super tasty food. This week we tried the carrots and we received a thumbs up on flavor!
Some of you may know that Mrs. Duane loves gardening and plants of all sorts. Her degree is in landscape architecture, a career that I followed for 10 years before I became a stay at home mom. She really hopes that this project will help grow future gardeners. People who will tend to the earth with love and respect.

Garden in bloom


group picture